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A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale is a magical story that thunders, ricocheting across the Western frontier and collides with destiny.....

“IT'S GOOD AND IT MOVES! I've written a good 40 western stories and learned a lot from Tom's book.”

... AN AMERICAN TALE rich with history and vivid word pictures is told in a cowboy's flavorful soup of words with wit, grit and humor—an inspiring adventure of discovery, strength and character that sweeps across the American Southwest—1873. Masterfully crafted, the story explores the lore of the western frontier when it was imagined to be as big and far away as the moon.

“INSPIRING! A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale reveals the true American West but goes even further. A man and woman who refuse to let a soaring relationship disappear is a sign of life on Earth at its best.”
MICHAEL BLAKE, Author of Dances With Wolves

A WESTERN ADVENTURE — A tale about cowboys who burn themselves like candles for experiences worth living and values that created strength and revealed character.


THE TALE BEGINS just beyond the far bank of the Mississippi River and thunders across the high skies of the Arizona and New Mexico Territories westward to California gold.  WB, not yet sixteen, crosses the mighty river without fear and leaves the muddy shores of civilization behind.  With empty pockets, a spark for life and a wild sense of freedom, he follows his heart searching for adventure and fortune in a new world.  Disillusioned by the harsh realities of the Great Plains, WB's roam takes a dramatic twist when he meets the love of his life.  As they are falling in love and as fate has it, they are separated.  Crisscrossing the Far West in search of each other, experiencing the perils of a wild frontier and a western theater of unraveled characters, they discover a land bigger and more beautiful than any dream....


“THE STUFF OF NOVELS—A masterpiece. A compelling unforgettable journey. Insightful. Uplifting. Heartfelt. A creative narrative with joyful language captivating my imagination.”
RUSS GIBB, Concert Promoter / Educator