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A message from Tom Van Dyke - Author of A Cowboy Christmas - An American Tale

AZ Humanities

AZ Humanities

Arizona History and Storytelling for Students of All Ages: Inspiring Imagination, Finding Your Own Voice, Acquiring Insight and Skills

Inspiring students! A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale, Van Dyke’s exciting, adventure-filled book, tells the story of a boy and girl not yet sixteen coming of age in Arizona, 1873. Experiencing a hostile frontier, they persevere in search of each other and discover strengths, skills and values. Education will be served on the plate of entertainment. Van Dyke’s presentation provides moments of self-discovery, inspiring student imagination and provoking insights and talking points for happy, positive lifestyles. Continue reading ↣

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And so the adventure begins for young WB, the protagonist of a short-but-sweet story, “A Cowboy Christmas: An American Tale.” Written by Cave Creek’s own Tom Van Dyke, the beautifully embossed perfectly bound novella artfully tells the story of WB and his odyssey through the untamed American West in 1873. Continue reading ↣
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History has taught me it's never too late to ride a fresh horse. Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company when he was 40 years old. Continue reading ↣
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Praise for A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale

Review by Elmore Leonard“It's good and it moves! Tom Van Dyke tells a rousing tale of a young man learning how to cowboy and finding the girl of his dreams. I've written a good 40 western stories but learned a lot from Tom's book.”


Review by Michael Blake“INSPIRING. A Cowboy Christmas reveals the true American West but goes even further. A man and woman who refuse to let a soaring relationship disappear is a sign of life on earth at its best.”

MICHAEL BLAKE, Author of Dances With Wolves

Review by Thomas CobbA Cowboy Christmas is a wonderful tale of a young cowboy's roam and a heartfelt love story. A great Christmas story and a delightful read for all seasons.”

THOMAS COBB, Author of Crazy Heart

Review by Howard Terpning“I'm a narrative painter, so as I read this book, the words drew pictures in my mind. These images are vivid and the story feels real. A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale, is a welcome addition to my library.”


Review by Bob Boze Bell“A GREAT RIDE!”

Bob Boze Bell, True West magazine

Review by Don CollierA Cowboy Christmas is a warm, well-written tale of a young man discovering himself and the new world during an engaging adventure in the American West. I thoroughly enjoyed the picture painted by the words of Mr. Van Dyke. The book took me back in time and sparked memories of when I was working on old Western films with my friend John Wayne. I look forward to sharing this story with my family.”

DON COLLIER, Western Film and TV Actor

Review by Marshall Trimble“Tom Van Dyke has crafted an inspired story of the Old West—Arizona and New Mexico Territories—1873. A well-researched tale of an adventuresome young man, carving out a life that most men can only dream about. Hold on tight. It's a page turner and a fast ride. This magical tale fits like a vintage Stetson and good pair of boots.”

MARSHALL TRIMBLE, Official Arizona State Historian